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Bed Man believes that everyone deserves a great night sleep no matter the budget! All of the 25 mattress sets we carry have  been chosen to have the highest quality and lowest price.


Oklahoma bedding laws prevent the sale of used mattresses. Once a mattress has been opened, it is considered used by the State of Oklahoma health department. There is no gray area when it comes to new or used. 

Bed Man only sells brand new mattresses. Every mattress and box spring should have a "law tag" that is attached to the top portion of the mattress and attached to the box springs. In our opinion, it is not a good idea to purchase a mattress without a tag that tells you what it is made of, when it was made and who made it and when it was made. The law tag will have a "born on" date in addition to the materials that make up the mattress.

We encourage everyone to buy new items only.


(Please note: these are only suggestions & scattered opinions 

Ask the person if they sell new or used mattresses.

Look for that law tag & born on date. (Be wary of mattresses that were made over 9 months ago)

If the mattress is new, it will be in the original plastic bag & its original seal will be unbroken.

Its probably a good idea to stay away from the "as is" or "floor sample" section when it comes to bedding. These beds are almost always sold as is and without a warranty and sometimes the "discount" is as low as 5% off the original price.  So check them over thoroughly. "As is" items can be a damaged item or even a "comfort exchange mattress" that was used for 12 months and then returned. (and in this Bed Mans opinion "sanitizing" a bed does not mean a thing - it is still a used bed).

Now. if you found a mattress that you like in the discount area. Great, now take 5 minutes and look it over, find the law tag & see what day that mattress was made. If at that point you still like the mattress - do one final thing. Take 5 more minutes, go to the mattress showroom & find that same mattress display. Sometimes the "as is & no warranty" mattress you fell in love with is only 5% lower than the new one. Buy the new one that has a full warranty.

Even if you don't buy from us, we hope this helps. Happy shopping Bed Man

How long is my warranty? 

The length of a warranty differs from company and mattress. Average is 5-10 years. They are usually printed on the law tag, that is attached to the head of the mattress. (Removal of this tag can void your warranty, so resist the urge to pull it off).

What does my warranty cover?

Most, ( but not all ) manufacturers have the same warranty coverage. Which is a body impression over 1-1/2" or a structural defect. 

What is a structural defect?

A structural defect is usually very obvious and normally discovered in the first few days after purchase. Structural problems don't normally take years to notice, that would be normal wear and tear.

If I have a warranty problem, can I upgrade to another one?

Manufacturers have strict guidelines about what constitutes a warranty issue and not just normal wear and tear usage.  They also have the choice of fixing or replacing a mattress that has a warranty problem. I have never had a manufacturer choose to fix it. It's easier to replace it. 

Where do I go and how do I submit a warranty claim?

Easiest thing ever!  

As long as your mattress does not have stains or signs of abuse and falls within the manufacturers warranty guidelines, we can take care of everything at our store.

Just bring your mattress and original sales receipt**

In most cases you do not have to call or go through the manufacturer -  Yes, Bed Man must follow their guidelines and the manufacturers make the final decision on all warranty claims.  But, in most cases Bed Man can expedite the process and get the mattress exchanged quickly. Sometimes, in as little as 24 hours.

** Customer is responsible for providing original sales receipt on warranty claims. If the receipt is lost, Bed Man will not be able to process the claim at the store. However, a claim can be made directly to the manufacturer. 

What can void my mattress warranty?

Removal of the law tag. Stains or signs of abuse. 

Why do these things void the warranty?

The manufacturer will need to be asked directly for their reasons. But, here are some general ideas of why certain things will void your mattress warranty. 

          Removal of law tag:  In most cases this is your warranty. This lets the manufacturer know when and where the bed was made. Just like Chevy makes different models every year, so do the bed makers. They want to know all of the specifics about the mattress you're having issues with and the law tag provides that information.

           Stains: Stop and think about all of the things that fall on a mattress naturally, just from normal daily use. Add excessive spills, stains, and fluids, now multiply those things by months. Then years.  Even small stains make the mattress unsanitary and are considered lack of care of your product. Manufacturers will not inspect or warranty stained mattress.

           Abuse: For the most part, self explanatory. If a mattress is used properly and for its intended purpose it will not show cracks, breaks or signs of abuse.

My mattress has a verified warranty issue, do I have to bring it to Bed Man?

Yes.  Much like any retail store, if you're having an issue with an item you purchased, it is up to you to bring the item to the store. But, unlike retail stores that give you only 14 days, Bed Man handles your warranty for its entirety. 

One final thought on warranties.

Warranties are not guarantees. Manufacturers can not guarantee anything. No one can guarantee that you will like the mattress, or even find it comfortable. Because, anything can change the comfort we feel - gaining weight, losing weight, having a child, surgeries, accidents, stress.  Law tags are attached to help consumers with their purchase by providing specifics, like coil count and types of foam.  This gives the specific information to help guide you in your decision making. 

Also note, Bed Man only works with bed makers that will allow us the option of handling warranty claims, ourselves. Yes, we must work within their guidelines, but we have chosen these manufacturers, at least in part because of their willingness to make this process easier. Less than .001% of ALL mattresses end up having a legitimate warranty issue. We started our mattress store 9 years ago, right here in Oklahoma City & we have averaged less than 10 warranty exchanges per year. While that is a very small ratio, it is very important to those in that .001%. If the customer has kept their receipt and their bed abuse and stain free, then we want to be able to handle the problem for them, personally.

I've changed my mind, can I return my mattress?

All sales are final at Bed Man.

However, we also want to work to ensure that you get the best mattress for your situation.  If the mattress is in the original plastic & condition, it can be exchanged within 3 days of purchase. An in-store credit will be issued for any price difference. We do not charge a restocking fee. The only fee would apply to delivery.

The moment a mattress is opened from its original plastic, it is considered used & can not be exchanged or returned. 

I ordered the wrong matters size, can I exchange it? 

While it is always best to measure twice or maybe even three times to ensure that you are getting the correct size mattress, we still understand that mistakes can and will happen. As long as the mattress you want to exchange was not a special order,  you can exchange the mattress within 3 days of receiving the mattress. It must be unused, unopened and in the same condition as it was received . Shoot us an email or call us (405) 879-2337. If there is an exception that can be made, we will try and help out. 

Bed Man will not deliver or pick up exchanges. Exchanges must be within 3 days of receiving the mattress, unless arrangements have ben made with Bed Man.